Advent Practices Calendar

Jaime VanNostrand   -  

As winter approaches many of us will find ourselves busily baking cookies, buying presents, booking flights, and decorating our homes. There is so much to be done as the holidays approach! Did you know that there is a whole season of the church year dedicated to preparing for Christmas? But the season of Advent invites us into a kind of preparation that may be very unlike the rhythms we’re used to.  The season of Advent is an opportunity for us to prepare our hearts to recognize the Holy in our midst. Emmanuel, God with us.

Many churches observe the four traditional themes of Advent – hope, peace, joy, and love – focusing on one theme each week as Christmas approaches. In addition to guiding our worship, these themes can be a rich source of simple faith-building, meaning-making activities in our daily lives at home and in our communities.  In that spirit, I’d like to offer you this Advent Practices Calendar with a series of short, simple activities that can serve in the coming days and weeks to anchor you in hope, in peace, in joy, and in love.

It is my prayer for you this Advent season that you find ways to balance your busyness with groundedness and calm. May you be supported in that pursuit by these practices and by our shared Advent Prayer:

There is hope in the waiting

There is peace in each day

There is joy in believing

That love lights the way


To download the calendar, please click here.

To download the advent themed coloring pages (produced by Illustrated Ministry) that serve as each Sunday’s activity, please click here.

For further descriptions of, additions to, or adaptations for any of these practices, please click here.