Prayer Baskets

Jaime VanNostrand   -  

Most of us have a place just inside the door where we hang our coats and our keys. Maybe we set out our work things so that they’ll be easy to grab in the morning. Maybe we take off our shoes. Imagine what kind of impact it could have on your faith life to weave prayerful reflection into your daily threshold moments.

One easy, tangible approach that you might like to consider is having a prayer basket or two in that space. Keep a small pad of paper and some pencils nearby and make a habit of jotting down the things you are grateful for, the moments when you noticed God at work in and around you. You may wish to have two baskets, placing prayers of joy in one and prayers of struggle or grief in the other.

There are plenty of ways to expand this practice! You may wish to decorate your baskets in ways that are meaningful to you. Perhaps you’d like to revisit the prayers of gratitude at the end of each week to remind yourself of all the ways, big and small, that you have been blessed. You may wish to dispose of the prayers of struggle or grief by tearing them or safely burning them and releasing them to God’s care.

Try using prayer baskets in your home and discover the rhythms and practices that are most meaningful to you!