Creation Prayer

Jaime VanNostrand   -  

As the stirrings of Spring give way to reveal the abundance of summer we are so lucky to be surrounded by light and life. Everywhere we turn there are blue skies and green trees and flowers in bloom – a symphony of God’s created things!  And while we may often experience a passing appreciation of these things, how often do we find ourselves with both the time and inclination to stop and truly take it in? If you are anything like me, a moment like that is far too rare.

Perhaps this month you’d like to consider spending some time really focusing on the beauty and bounty of God’s creation. Go outside and let your eyes wander! Be open to whatever captures your attention, whether because of its beauty, complexity, size, or color. It could be a flower, a sunset, or a spiderweb! But whatever you choose, spend several minutes paying careful attention to it. Notice all of its details. What does it look like? Is there a sound? If you can touch it, how does it feel? Is there a smell?

When you’ve finished with your observations, you can go back inside, close your eyes, and try to recreate the experience. If you live with other people you may want to take turns telling each other about what you saw and felt. Share with one another a sense of amazement about all that God has made.

Some variations on this activity might include drawing a picture of what you saw or writing in a journal to reflect on your experience. Either of these practices will allow you to return to this moment of deep contemplation and feel again that sense of wonder at God’s creation.