Jaime VanNostrand

Youth & Family Minister

Jaime believes that a deep and meaningful faith life is characterized by questions, curiosity, wonder, discovery, and lifelong learning and growth. It is her hope that these qualities anchor and animate not only her own faith life but also her ministry with youth and families here at Christ Lutheran Church.

Jaime has been shaped for this work by the many faithful friends and communities that have come alongside her on her path. Among them are the GAPS Community in Downey, California,  where, in her role as the Psalmist in Residence, Jaime modeled for her community the value of art, music, film, and poetry in exploring, expressing, and experiencing the sacred.  Equally influential was her time as a student at Eden Theological Seminary in St. Louis, Missouri where she learned from leading thinkers in the progressive Christian movement.

Upon the completion of her Master of Divinity degree Jaime began to look for work doing education and faith formation in thoughtful, forward thinking Christian congregations. She is thrilled to have found just such a congregation in Christ Lutheran Church of Hellertown!

In addition to her love for the church, Jaime loves hiking, kayaking, reading, road trips, meticulously crafted playlists, football (Go Giants!), binge-watching Star Trek, and lots and lots of coffee.