Faith Community Nurse

Enid Rank

Nurse - FCN, BSN, RN

Faith Community Nursing:  The specialized practice of professional nursing that focuses on the intentional care of the spirit as well as the promotion of Wholistic Health.

Wholistic Health:  Based on an understanding that a healthcare consumer is an interconnected unity of physical, mental, social, environmental, and spiritual factors.

These are the clinical definitions of Faith Community Nursing and Wholistic Health, but how does that translate to my service to the Faith Community at Christ Lutheran Church?  Who am I, beyond the obvious professional roles of education, advocacy, pastoral support, and caregiver?

Breathing Practices for Healthy Calm Sense of Well Being

Relieve Stress and feel better. Join Jeanette Alosi's Yoga Class now online!! Also subscribe to her YouTube page to keep up to date with more suggestions for caring for body, mind and spirit.

Care To Share

Care to Share items are donated items that are shared free of charge. Please contact Enid Rank, Faith Community Nurse with inquiries at 610-838-0400.

Assistive Mobility Devices:

1. Foldable green walker w/ travel bag

2. Foldable walkers x 3

3. Wood, metal, and Quad canes

Assistive devices for Activities of Daily Living:

1. Sock Aid

Safety Devices:

1. Side rails for bed

2. Toilet rails (new in box)

3. Transfer Belt SafetySure brand (new)

Incontinence Products:

1. Adult disposable briefs w/adjustable tabs, size X-large (new)

2. Men’s disposable underwear sizes sm/med & lg/xl

3. Waterproof pads (new)

Misc. items:

1. Baby Bath cleansing washcloths

2. Bedpan (new)

3. Cane tips (2 sets new)

4. Crutch rubber tips (3pr. Standard size)

5. Crutch rubber tips (pr XL size)

6. Emesis basin (new)

7. Blood sugar monitor CVS True result (new)

8. Commode x 2 (1 new in box)

9. Hearing Aide batteries (size 13A)

10. Heel Well Soft Ease suspenders 1 pr L/XL (new)

11. Shower chair x 2

Ostomy Supplies:

1. Hollister skin barrier #14803 (new boxes)

2. Hollister skin barrier #14804 (new boxes)

3. Eakin brand Ostomy barrier seals #839001 (new boxes)

4. Elastic Barrier strips for square barriers #120740 (new boxes)

5. Coloplast ostomy paste (new boxes)

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