Let's Help The Environment

This page is dedicated to educating our members, visitors and anyone who comes to our church's website. Educating as to ways to conserve energy, reuse things rather than fill landfills, recycle when feasible and information on our natural world and how people, companies, countries and groups are helping our world be more green, healthy and flourishing.

We discussed these issues for quite some time in the Adult Discussion Sunday School class that meets in the church library every Sunday morning at 9-9:45 am. This series was just finished in late August. During these many sessions we became more aware of the issues confronting all humans on Planet Earth as to keeping our environment healthy and trying to waste less resources as well as use more sustaining resources. Small changes we can make that will help our planet and that we can encourage others to do to enlarge our impact on these issues.

Things like using compostable cups and plates rather than foam ones. Like paper towels made of bamboo or using Swedish dishcloths or fabric dish towels rather than the typical paper towels which consume many trees every year. We think more about the impact of human activities on our world and we want others here to think about these issues and maybe make some small changes in purchase choices and how we deal with stuff we don't want anymore. We can make a positive impact as a church through the efforts of everyone who attends here and maybe visitors to this website.

Anyone who has ideas or resources, please contact Angela Drake.


How These Five Cities Are Leading the Way to a Greener World BY MEGHAN GUNN ON 9/27/23


Eco Tips from Angela Drake, 5/3/2024
Here are some ideas to help the environment. A good start might be to plant a tree….  They provide shade and pump out oxygen while removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. No room in your yard, totally ok.  There are two easy ways via non – profit organizations that will do it for you. Check out “One Tree Planted Org” or “The Green Belt Movement” (founded by Wangari Matthau). Both organizations are committed to planting trees worldwide. The One Tree Planted organization  highlights “one dollar – one tree”. The Green Belt Movement also focuses on empowering women. Both organizations are worthwhile and highly rated by Charity Navigator.
Update on our church tree project: we have about 17 small redbud and scarlet oak trees still in their nursery beds in our church garden. We hope to plant the out this fall when they are taller. Fall is a great time to plant trees. Some will go along the outer privacy screen of the labyrinth and others along the church sidewalk on Main.