Enid Rank

Faith Community Nurse

Enid received her Bachelor of Science degree from Bloomsburg University in 1984, after which she worked as a cardiothoracic nurse at Lehigh Valley Hospital for 16 yrs. Enid transitioned from clinical nursing to full-time wife and mother during the early years of her children’s lives. She re-entered the work force in 2006 as a Merchandising Specialist for GAP inc. for almost 7 years while her sons attended grade school.  

Enid’s Care Giving Ministry journey at CLC started in late 2012, when Pastor Phil asked her to assume the role of Care Giving Ministry Team Leader. Her Care Giving ministry work influenced her decision to resume her nursing career at Atria of Bethlehem in 2013. It would be the hardest year of her nursing career, caring for family, first her dad, and then suddenly her sister 6 months later, at end of life. This was the beginning of her interest in spiritual nursing. In 2016 Pastor Phil offered Enid a new ministry opportunity, a vision for the future he had talked about often during Congregational Care Team meetings. Enid accepted a staff position at Christ Lutheran as the Parish Nurse. Enid took a Foundations of Faith Community Nursing (FCN) course after which the staff position title evolved from Parish Nurse to Faith Community Nurse. In May of 2021, the FCN ministry at CLC celebrated its 5th Anniversary.

Enid’s family consists of a wonderful husband and partner, Kurt, along with 2 sons, Kristopher, and Brandon. Her family has been active members of Christ Lutheran in multiple capacities for the past 25 years. “I couldn’t do all the ministry work I do at CLC without the unconditional love and support of my family. ”

One of the greatest pearls of wisdom Enid received during a lecture at Bloomsburg University was the simple but impactful statement, “Nursing is the Art of Caring.”  Thirty-seven years later, she still uses that guiding beacon of truth and love as the foundation of her personal nursing practice. Enid considers herself blessed to be a nurse and strives every day to share that gift with others.   “For me, nursing is connecting heart to heart with people and mastering the Art of Caring; that is my grounding truth and the professional legacy that I wish to leave behind.”