Stephen Wysocki

Minister of Music

“One of my early organ teachers began a lesson by telling me the name of his teacher, his teacher’s teacher and so on; until he had traced the succession of pupils and teachers all the way back to J.S. Bach himself. ‘In a way,’ he told me, ‘Bach is YOUR teacher.’ Bach believed that music brings glory to God, as he showed by using the initials SDG—Soli Deo Gloria, ‘To God alone be the glory’ at the end of his musical scores. As a gathering of worshippers, I hope we can be freed to sing, play, and worship with hearts that seek to glorify God, then go out and make our very lives an act of worship by the way we help and show love to each other.”

Steve is the son of a Lutheran minister, with over 40 years of experience as a church musician. Beginning with violin and piano, he soon became enthralled by the marvelous, shining pipes of the church organ at his home church: Zion Lutheran Church in Glen Rock, PA. He continued his organ, choral and church music studies at Lebanon Valley College, ending up as an elementary school teacher well as an organist and choir director. Steve enjoys working singers and musicians of all ages. He and his wife Deborah have raised three children and are very involved in our faith community.

“Let me know when God speaks to you through music. Let me know what draws your heart deeper into worship. Tell me what I can do to help you worship more fully.” — Steve