Let’s Get Political
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This past Sunday I addressed the question, “What is the function of your church?”  In this, the 3rd in a series of 4 questions all Christians need to clarify, we looked at the role of the Church in our world.  Is it a force for good, health, and stability?  Is the church a force that increases tensions and exacerbates problems?  I think of the Roman Catholic child abuse scandals and what that has done not only to Roman Catholicism, but also how it has reflected on all of Christianity.  I believe that the churches I have been associated since my youth, have contributed to the wellbeing of its members and supported the community in a variety of real and tangible ways.  They were are continue to be a force of Good.


The issue that I struggle with revolves around my concern of the political nature of being involved in solutions to our Nation’s problems.  I believe the voice of the church needs to be the voice of Jesus.  Health Care, Race Relations, Firearm restrictions, Homosexuality, Energy, Climate Change, Immigration.  Does the church need to take a side?  Is it enough to create a forum for discussion?  Should your church make statements such as, “No firearm ban is needed”, “Every person needs health care insurance in our nation”, “No to Solar Energy”, or “Yes to Immigration”.  What do you want to your church to do?


I realize that no political solution is perfect.  But solutions are necessary.  Working together, democrats and republicans, seeking the best of both views, will heal this nation and create solutions.  Does your church need to take a side?  Yes.  With the best information at hand, using multiple ways to view a problem, and realizing that no solution is perfect, what best is the “loving action” that helps the most people.  Living in the information age, with conflicting views of the “facts”, makes it very difficult to be sure that you have the right numbers.  But below these numbers, these facts, are principles that must be grounded in caring for my neighbor.  I am my “brother’s keeper”.  We are in this life, together.  We are interconnected.  Other people’s well-being affects my wellbeing.  My disrespect for others, affects me as well.  By being my Brother’s keeper, I must realize that I have limited resources.  I can’t do everything.  We have competing interest for limited finances.  BUT again, what options are the best way to “love my neighbor”.  Democrats and Republicans need to ground themselves in the Judeo-Christian Truth.


Until we sit face to face share our concerns and principles, nothing will be decided.  The Church must take a stand!


What do you think?