Weary Bones Can Be Resurrected
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Ezekiel’s vision in chapter 37, is a vision of HOPE to a people whose lives have been destroyed and uprooted.  If I am known for anything, I want to be known for my belief that in order to understand the Bible stories, you have to understand their context.  People can get the Bible to say what they want it to say, when they take things out of context.


Ezekiel is a prophet to the Hebrews, who at the time of his vision, are in exile.  They are enslaved in a foreign country to a foreign people.  Their bones are dried up, they are dead to life, but eking out a living.  Ezekiel speaking on behalf of God tells the people that God will reconnect these bones and breath life back into their wearied lives.  God will bring them out of their graves.


What beautiful, poetic imagery.  I have heard it said, “to understand the Bible you have to be a poet”.  I believe that.


What breathes life into your weary bones?  What give you hope in the midst of tragedy?  What sustains you in this time of the Covid quarantine?


It’s easy for religious people to say, “God sustains me”…but how?  What is it that helps you get through the day?  What gives you hope?  How do you live in peace when others are fearful?  YOU DO!  Let’s not discount that who you are is instrumental to God working in your life.  I know I am the product of many factors and many people have shaped my faith.  I must admit that all these forces have come together to create in me, a God perspective.  I anticipate and look for God in all things, in what I read, listen to, and watch.  This gift of faith, is now mine to cultivate.  This God perspective, can be pushed aside due to fear and hatred, but with silence, patience, and trust it emerges.  I believe that.  It works for me.


So, faith at its core is a gift, but it is now my possession that I choose to nurture.  The more I nurture it, the more of a resource it is to sustain me.


My nurturing techniques take many forms.  Worship, meditation, (the app, Insight timer) Bible studies using commentaries, podcasts (The Bible for Normal People, On Being, the RobCast are my weekly favorites).  When I listen to these podcasts, I’m getting a deeper and richer understanding of humanity than reading People Magazine, or watching Judge Judy or Jerry Springer.  Think of what you are nurturing with your spiritual diet.  Are you eating on a regular schedule?


Yes, God does provide.  Yes, God can breathe new life into our lives, but God needs your help to resurrect those weary bones!